Infinity Charge

by Tyler H. Jolley

On a planet where the very ground you walk on is electrified, the soil charger race rules, and the humans are dying off. Tage is neither since he is half human, half soil charger-a freak of nature. His only chance for redemption lies in the mission the human elders tasked him with as a boy. Tage has spent his life undercover in the capital city of Currentgrad. By day, he trains to be a soil charger knight-elite warriors who can harness the electricity in the earth into their own bodies. By night, he prepares for his ultimate task: to assassinate the tyrannical Overlord. His only comfort in these dangerous times is Capacity, the only girl he has ever loved, and his small group of loyal friends.
For the humans, the planet has become nearly unlivable. Can Tage harness the power hiding in his blood to take on an entire army with his friends and save the humans?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic