Infidel Wars

by Donna E. Lane

Compliance will cost them their minds. Rebellion could cost them everything.
For Elora Felder, a genetically modified super soldier in the Social Protectorate, falling in love with her captain, Danny Rohan, and leading a rebellion were never a part of her plans. But when a training accident leaves them stranded in space, freezing and losing air, they reject the SP’s beliefs—and embrace each other.
When the Conglomerate and their military arm demand everyone submits to an experimental procedure called the Cleansing where they erase the parts of the minds deemed a threat to social welfare, the rebels attack the SP base, and the Conglomerate declares war.
When the SP captures Danny, Elora’s only hope is to travel through time to reach Danny before he joins the SP and convince him to lead the rebel cause—and hopefully fall in love with her again.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel