Incidental Inquisitors Complete Series Boxed Set

by Aaron D. Schneider

Being a cop in the only nonhuman city in the world is tough.

You’ve got magical and mundane crimes, standard and supernatural perps, and as always, plenty of paperwork for both.

The different groups don’t often mix. Everyone takes care of their own.

With the rest of the world going to hell, this divided city has to change.

Enter the Inquisitors, an integration initiative to make a stronger, better Quadras.

Doughas Ruiridh is an old warhorse from the Dwarven Quarter hoping to retire already. Esselliar VorKluvaith is a hotshot elf investigator looking to bust corruption, unfettered by a partner.

They must find a way to work together and trust each other because something big is coming and it could cost the lives of thousands.

The Inquisitors will have to make this partnership work if they don’t want the city’s next breath to be its last.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban