In Your Dreams: Book 1 – League of the Moon Series

by Robert Sanborn

When Henry Trank moves to Salem, he falls in love with the energy, the community… the magic. But Henry’s dreams are becoming darker, more terrifying. Running through long-ago forests, pursued by mobs that want to burn him alive.

Terrifying, true, but even worse is the fact that something is watching him while he sleeps – perhaps even causing the dreams. A presence evil and malicious; a demonic creature dedicated to Henry’s destruction.

Soon, Henry finds himself on a quest to recover the memories of his past self. To uncover the reality of his dangerous present. To discover whether he’ll have a future with a beautiful green-eyed witch named Joanne… or if those hunting him will destroy him before he can master the memories and magic growing within him.

Terrifying… and about to get even worse. Because as bad as life can be, it’s nothing compared to the darkness hiding In Your Dream

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban