In Times Like These

by Nathan Van Coops

They have a dangerous past. They just haven’t lived it yet.

Benjamin Travers and his friends have woken up in the past. And they’re not alone. There are other time travelers, and some of them are turning up dead. When Ben meets an enigmatic scientist and his charming, time-traveling daughter, salvation seems near. But escaping the dangers of the past may lead to an even deadlier future…

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Chronothon

by Nathan Van Coops

Run from the past. Run from the future. Run for your lives.

He’s a novice time traveler in a big universe.

Ben just wants time with the scientist’s daughter who got him into this, but when he’s rooked into competing in a chronothon–an Amazing Race through time–getting the girl means he’ll need to make the finish line. When he finds out this competition is more than just a sprint through history, winning takes a back seat to surviving. To save the people he loves, he’ll have to conquer the real dangers hidden in the shadows of the chronothon.

Previously $4.99