In the Shadow of the Rook

by J.D.L. Rosell

Readers of Robin Hobb and N.K. Jemisin will love this debut epic fantasy!

The world is crumbling…and no one knows how to stop it.

Eons ago, the Lastborn Son, a god incarnate, saved the world from destruction at the hands of his brother, the Firstborn. Now, the world seems set for the Firstborn’s return, with his army of dead rising at the hands of necromancers.

Erik didn’t think it had anything to do with him. Grown complacent in his hometown on the edge of the world, he is torn from routine when his closest friend murders him, and a necromancer reanimates him.

But he doesn’t just want a second chance–he wants true resurrection. There is one person who might lead him to it–the Rook–and Erik will stop at nothing to find them. He’s already lost his life–what more does he have to lose?

Little does he know, but the fate of the world rests in his hands. To save–or to break.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic