In the Dreaming Deep

by Rachel Rowlands

Hugo Strand dreams of seeing the world, becoming a travel writer, and making something of himself. But with little money, a fragile mother to care for, and the memories of his drowned father to haunt him, he fears he’ll be stuck on Shale Island forever – a place where storms and churning seas fuel whispers of the sea gods, said to awaken every thousand years.

When a sea monster attacks the sea-train, cutting Shale off from the mainland, what was once myth becomes reality. Teaming up with archaeologist Alma Merneith, Hugo sets out to investigate a strange affliction driving the islanders to madness and death.

Their search uncovers a force beyond imagining. Hugo must battle his lifelong fear of the sea, and Alma must put her archaeological knowledge to the test, to overcome a monstrous legend wearing a crown made of bones…

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Category: Dark Fantasy