In Her Dreams

by Joanna Reeder

I dream of dead people.
My dreams control me.
Until the day I control them.

My waking life is a nightmare. Dreams should give me a break, except they don’t. I dream of people who are dead: their best moments, their worst moments, and far too often, their deaths.

Now, my dreams begin to revolve around Victorian-era Lucy and her happy, mundane life. It’s a welcome change from my nightmares, especially when her super-cute future cousin-in-law is around.

Until one day, I accidentally change the outcome of a dream.

Reality shifts.

I’m forced to make a life-changing decision that will have consequences even I can’t foresee. All I can do is trust my instinct.

Because when you play with death, there are no second chances.

My name is Emily Chandler and I dream of the past, literally.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel