In a Black Tapestry

by Daryl K. Hill

In an old place of worship, there hangs a tapestry of dark portent.

In its cloth are stitched the histories, the lineage of a town on the marches between the merchant burgs and the untamed pagan wilderness – stories of ogres, and Wends; of strange creatures sewn in spidery black thread, and stunted men who hide beneath the ground; and the cursed blue-ringed eye, the ruin of all.

But all that is legend and folly, is it not?

When Aivars and his hex-anointed brothers of the Greysworn are called away to war against the pagans by their liege Luther the Bloodless, Zemyna finds herself left behind in their sleepy town. Heedless of the omens descried by the town’s rector and the tall tales woven into the tapestry, she is awakened one night by something straight out of nightmare and legend.

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Category: Dark Fantasy