Immortals: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Essencers of Aelathia Book 1)

by Joshua Smith

The world has been destroyed…

…and remolded in the image of its destroyer.

For thousands of years, stories had been told of the terrible Sorceress who’d given all her power toward world’s end. But those were just stories. Now, new stars dot the sky—signs of Sorceress Jocina’s power returning so she can finish the job.

For A’banna, these signs mark the end of her service to the Sorceress as priestess. Commanded to sacrifice a living being in Jocina’s name, she can’t go through with it. A’banna flees into the jungle, but the wide world is much different than she knows. Further, she’s being hunted by Jocina’s sadistic son and her monstrous creations. Nature itself seems set against her.

Experience the start of a Fantasy Epic filled with magic, war, and characters that leap off the pages. It’s perfect for fans of Jeff Wheeler, Brandon Sanderson, and AC Cobble.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic