Immortal Merlin, Books 1-4

by Emma Shelford

Magic at my fingertips, immortality on my side, and I’m still out of time.

Until a volcano awoke near the modern city I call home, I hid my secrets well. I am Merlin the magician, but my friendship with the long-dead King Arthur was an eternity ago. My immortality is the unending mystery of my life.

But when threads of magic lead me to a smoking mountain, it’s clear the threatening eruption isn’t natural. Someone with abilities like mine is creating this catastrophe. If I can find the culprit before destruction rains burning death on innocent townsfolk and my modern-day friend sniffs out my true identity, perhaps I can finally discover why I’m still alive without losing everything I have.

I am Merlin, after all—one of a kind.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban