Hunting the Invisible (Fear and Fire, Book 1)

by Valmiki

*Sleepy Hollow Reimagined*

1753, British India. Godfort, is a serene and idyllic village, until the dark woods surrounding it awaken! A supernatural wraith invades Godfort claiming the lives of innocent villagers.

Arthur is a blind man. His extraordinary capabilities lead him to some mysterious happenings around Godfort. Each move he makes takes them closer to the truth, throwing them into a whirlwind of mystery and the discovery of the wraith!

Ramabrahmam, a mystical Indian priest, emerges to rescue the village. He believes the secret to match the strength of the wraith lies with a wildling named Mahabali who lives in obscurity. But Mahabali must be tamed first.

But, can a priest and a blind man stop a deadly wraith? Can Mahabali be tamed?

Above all, was the wraith truly discovered?

Warning: you will turn the pages into the night!

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Category: Dark Fantasy