How to Train Your Kaiju: A LitRPG Kaiju Thriller

by N. Knight

Out on parole on the condition that he beta tests an implant for a highly immersive videogame designed to be an anger management treatment, Aaron’s life is turned upside down by the discovery that his mother is dying. Aaron needs his estranged father’s help to pay for her treatments, which means playing by his rules. Unfortunately, Aaron’s never been good at following rules.

Kaiju Wars Online, the videogame and his anger management treatment, is more than a game. It’s an outlet and a way to earn real world money for his mother’s treatment. What’s more, it seems to be working. Playing a giant monster and demolishing cities is cathartic. Who knew?

But just as Aaron’s getting his life back on track, the monsters from the Kaiju Wars show up in the real world. What was just a game quickly escalates into a matter of life and death on a global scale.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk