Hostile Contact (Weapons of Choice Book 1)

by Nick Snape

When the fate of the planet is on the line, will War Hero Finn and his rag tag squad of army reserves have what it takes to prevail? Army trainer Finn is tasked with leading his inexperienced squad of rookies against hostile aliens, but they soon realize that the alien invaders are not what they seem. With iron-willed machine gunner Zuri and the digitally copied Corporal Smith at his side, the team must find a way to use the alien technology they discover in order to save the Earth. Hostile Contact: Book One of the Weapons of Choice sci-fi series is an intense, suspenseful, and thrilling sci-fi novel that will take you on a journey from the forests of Earth to the space between the stars. If you enjoyed the action of Neal Asher’s Weaponized and the struggle of humanity in The Expanse Series, then you’ll love the intense, suspenseful, and thrilling Hostile Contact.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion