Hormones, Hexes, & Exes

by JC Blake

A hidden coven. A menopausal witch. A murder next door.

Discovering that she was a witch was the very last thing Liv Carlton expected on her fiftieth birthday. Hitting the menopause and suffering hot sweats, a spreading middle, and chaotic hormones, sure, but the power to cast magical spells? No!

Finding out that she wasn’t the only witch in her family, or even her town, made her head spin, but perhaps the worst discovery on that fateful day, was her husband’s infidelity with their much younger, definitely not menopausal, neighbour, Selma Maybrook.

Now, to top it all, she has become the number one suspect in the woman’s murder.

Struggling with her newfound powers, and knowledge that her family are not what they seem, Liv must discover who really killed Selma and clear her name.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban