Highest Ambitions

by Malcolm J Wardlaw

In a world of guns and gold, there are just two rules: be smart, be tough.

Better still, be the smartest, be the toughest.

Nightminster knows how to bend both rules and invent a few more. He’s a young man of the highest ambitions – crack-shot, loan-shark, adventurer and excellent engineer. Piling a stack of gold is the meaning of his life.

Not even winning a place at the University of Oxford is getting in the way of his highest ambitions.

For all his dazzling brilliance, there is one enemy Nightminster cannot defeat – himself. Deep in his character there lurks a flaw that gets ever deadlier as he closes on his highest ambitions.

Sovereigns of the Storm is a three-book dystopian saga of love, triumph and tragedy in an age when only might is right. It includes adult themes and is not suitable for those under 16 years of age.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Darkest Ambitions

by Malcolm J Wardlaw

Lust for life, or lust for death?

This question haunts Nightminster as he concentrates his immense talents on the pursuits of love and gold.

Nightminster is not alone in thrusting enterprise. The new president of the Official SUN Party, Sebastian Smith, is proving an exceptional champion of the people. The asylums of London are falling his way one by one, to the despair of Johnny Albert and his fellow ultramarine owners. Even the great Krossington clan feels the force of Smith’s ambitions.

This is the great opportunity Nightminster has been waiting for to establish his ‘perfect business’, the Value System. Too late, he discovers that highest ambitions may actually be darkest ambitions. He’s committed to building hell on earth.

Read the final book Deadly Ambition.

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