by N. V. Rose

Brielle LeBlanc is an elemental descendant of the gods, but she doesn’t even know it until a powerful dream turned reality pushes her into a realm where those with supernatural powers exists amongst regular folks. Bad boy Kaine Kross has decided the Council that governs all mortal and near-mortal behavior should be replaced; not with a new governing body but with an individual leader, him.

Kaine will stop at nothing to hold the ruling seat. With the gift of Osmosis, Kaine can absorb any power he desires and use it with dark intentions. However, in order for Kaine to rule, he will have to penetrate the white realm, destroy the Council, and the world within. With each growing day, Kaine’s powers grow into a monstrosity, and only one person can stop him… Brielle Leblanc. But, will Brielle be up to the task, and most importantly, can Brielle come into her own supremacies before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero