Hex After Forty

by M.J. Caan

“I’m leaving you.”
Those three words would rip Torie Bliss from the life of luxury she had always known, and throw her into a world filled with magic and supernatural creatures.
Torie thought the day her husband left her, destroyed their family, and forced her to move in with her mother, was the end of her life.
This was not what life after forty was meant to be.
Until she learned that she belonged to a line of powerful witches; ones whose powers came to them after turning forty.
Now she is going to need that power because there is a supernatural killer stalking her new community. Can she master her new abilities in time to save her friends? Or will she be the serial killer’s next victim?
Can she find the strength she needs to face a monster and shape her second act in life?
She’s about to enter a whole new world, one where everyone knows that Hex only gets better after forty

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban