Heroes & Tyrants

by David Green

The History of Fire chronicles the second Great Reckoning of our world from the mouths of heroes and tyrants. In the first book, Prince Rollo Fireborne interviewed more than sixty survivors to recount this vivid recollection of events that he cast into the pages of history so that we all could learn its lessons of pain, hope, and love.

In this book, we follow the lives of three characters: Abrinith, Freya, and Erland. They play essential roles in each other’s lives, even if the four corners of the kingdom separate them. Abrinith is a seemingly powerful man that never learns to take control of his destiny, allowing the world to wash him asunder. Freya is a skilled intelligence agent and a fierce warrior who controls all worldly events. And Erland is an adopted son of the North, an outsider to the people he has grown to love.

Can these three people do what God requires?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic