Heretic of the Federation Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

It is not impossible to rewrite history. In fact, when one computer runs the world, changing history happens faster.

Those who were heroes have been labeled villains. The alien Melagorns and Dreth, once friends, are now competitors at best.

The Regime works to instill loyalty to humanity. Loyalty to brotherhood. Loyalty to the state.

Loyalty to the words preached every night.

Humanity first. Truth!
Those with power are Tainted. Truth!
The Tainted prove Loyalty by working for the Regime. Truth!
Tainted who hide power seek to harm Humanity. Truth!
Hail, Victory! Hail, Humanity!

Except not everyone follows the truth.

Join John Dunn on his journey to take down the Regime. Get this complete series and learn who the Regime is trying to hide, for now, and will kill if she returns.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure