Her Unbound Hallux

by Haldane B Doyle

If only Mother would hurry up and die in the war. Then Miobeth can claim the mansion, take a husband and restore the family bloodline. But Mother insists on staying one more year for a final chance to produce an alternative heir.
It should be easy for Miobeth to wait a little longer. To contain her impudent rage.
Before she can claim her birthright, a mesmerising manservant, a forbidden map and an adventure beyond the mansion walls change Miobeth forever.
Can Miobeth fulfil her duty after glimpsing the outside world?

“Our Vitreous Womb” is a series of four science-fiction novellas that explore a distant post-industrial future where biological technology has transformed humanity.

“Makes my world look timid and old.” – Adolf Huxley
“Sci-fi without robots and rocket ships? Impossible!” – Yusak Asimov
“I too longed to snuggle with the giant beetle.” – Frank Kafka

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Category: Hard Science Fiction