Hell on Mars (Reality Bleed Book 1)

by J.Z. Foster

It’s not a War.
It’s an Extermination.
A black site research facility on Mars, owned and operated by the U.S. government, has made a fatal mistake.

They opened a gate into another reality.

Back on Earth, the threat of World War 3 constantly looms as the United States and the Soviet Union vie for power.

But now, with that mistake on Mars, an alien invasion has begun and it will threaten to topple all of human civilization.

Can the fragmented people of the world come together to help one another? Or is the hate so deep that everyone just wants to be the last one to die?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Call of the Void (Reality Bleed Book 2)

by J.Z. Foster

The Nightmare is just beginning.

The crew of the Perihelion’s mission has become clear.

Locate and retrieve the brilliant scientist, Will Braun.

They’ll enter back onto the station—this time equipped with Combat Armor Gear—fighting hordes of mysterious creatures, to locate Will Braun, the man responsible for everything… if he’s even still alive.

Previously $2.99