Hell on Earth

by Tony Urban

In a world ravaged by the undead, 12 strangers have one goal in common: survival…
Wim Wagner gave up on humanity long before a madman unleashed the sickness. Wim would’ve been perfectly content with only his livestock and a few acres of land to keep him company. But when the undead overrun his farm, he can no longer ignore the crumbling world he thought he’d escaped…

Ramey failed her senior year in high school weeks before the zombies arrived. Now her mission is to track down her father who has promised safety. But crossing multiple states in a land where only 1 person in a million survived the plague seems like a suicide mission.

As the death count rises and the dead reanimate, Wim and Ramey aren’t the only people faced with the horrifying cost of survival. From convicts to soldiers, suburbanites to millionaires, no one is safe and no one can be trusted…As they fight to stay alive at any cost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic