Hell of a Prophecy

by McKayla Schutt

The daughters of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon are linked in more than one way…

You’d think the daughter of Hades would have hellfire hair and a wicked temper… well, you’d be right. Avalon’s lived a sheltered life because her father thinks the world is out to get her. He may be right because her new freedom brings furies to her door, a bounty on her head, and demi-god with horns. Actually the sexy demi-god is the only bright side to her discord. She’s swearing to anyone who will listen that she won’t be the cause of destruction but only Balthazar listens.

Balthazar, the son of Pan, but they have very little in common. With a short temper and skills at fighting, he’s perfect to protect Avalon from the others. Falling for Hades’ only daughter wasn’t the best plan he could’ve made. He believes she doesn’t want to harm anyone but the power that thrives in her blood works against her.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends