Heir of Magic

by JD Ruffin

She’s been dead a thousand years. Now she wants her throne back . . .
A thousand years ago, Irina, a humble healer rose to seize power over a kingdom, leading them to war against their neighbor. Only through the sacrifice of magic’s guardian was the invasion foiled and Irina banished.

A millenium later, an ancient cult seeks to return Irina to the land of the living.

When Guardsman Keelan Rae is tasked with solving a string of mysterious kidnappings, he stumbles into the cult’s path. Now, he may be all that stands between the world and Irina’s wrath.

Heir of Magic is the exciting first volume in the Kingdom War series by bestselling author JD Ruffin, a tale of magic, adventure, epic struggles for power, and dramatic battles between the forces of light and darkness.

You’ll love this series because everyone years for a little magic in a time of darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic