Heir of Fury and Betrayal

by Sarah El Dhaibi

In a shadowy world full of supernatural creatures, trouble is brewing in the Vampire high society.

Josephine Draco’s powerful bloodline is one of the few remaining in her society, making her incredibly valuable.

As a political alliance develops between Vampires and Demons, Josephine struggles to hide the curse that haunts her and fights to save her best friend who has been promised to a very dangerous Vampire.

While she recruits her closest friends for help, Josephine is lied to, betrayed, and exploited by those she considers her family. Josephine’s own mother is secretly seeking to destroy her to form a powerful alliance with Demons, in order to save her family’s bloodline from a rebellious war.

Josephine is forced to decide: save her family or save herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban