Heart of Steel: Temptation

by Rose B. Mashal

People grieve differently. Some hide in a corner and cry, others find strength in the arms of loved ones, while a few swallow their sadness and cherish the good memories.

None of those appealed to Professor Penelope Ford.

When fate tested her, tearing apart her life with her fiancé, Michael Davis, she refused to accept her new reality. Instead, she chose to live in a fantasy world of her own creation.

For four years, Penelope worked on designing a clone of Michael. She wanted this new version to be stronger, smarter, and – most importantly – even more devoted to her.

She craved a lover who would never walk out of her life again.

Will the professor succeed in making her human-like android exactly what she wants him to be?

Even more, will she be able to face the real world with what her grief has created?

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Category: Dark Fantasy