Heart of Fire Time of Ice

by E.S. Martell

Kathleen is a pathetic figure around campus. Completely focused on her physics research, she fears and avoids social contact. Her difficult past has given her a terrible self-image. Kathleen’s research ends when she discovers a formula for time-travel. Control of the formula leads to a murderous attack which forces her to accidentally escape to the Pleistocene; a time and climate for which she is entirely unprepared. The ice-age environment forces her to confront her fears as she finds that trust in a primitive hunter becomes paramount in order to survive. Can she develop a relationship with a man who has suffered his own terrible losses? Will she survive the harsh climate, fierce beasts, and men of 13,000 years ago? If you love well researched science, time-travel adventure, danger, and romance, read this first installment of The Time Equation series today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel