Heart & Brain

by Ramana Rao MLV

In the opening tale, “The Sphere,” the narrator, Chaitanya, who fancies himself “the world’s first AI psychologist,” induces neuroses into an artificial-intelligence entity to make it more controllable. However, his own dread of inheriting his father’s debilitating agoraphobia ultimately overwhelms him. In “The Random Factor,” a utopian future society’s complacent power structure faces a crisis when a woman named Pratima decides to conceive and give birth naturally, instead of by long-accepted biotechnological means. In “Survival,” a particle beam’s collision with Earth leaves all humanity susceptible to fatal sleep apnea, except for Mallika, an expectant mother in rural India. A somewhat similar premise begins “The Speck,” in which a distant object is observed and recorded solely by recently widowed astronomer Animisha, who’s recently had advanced surgery to correct her eyesight -Kirkus

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics