He Who Fights

by Mike Morris

Meet Nathaniel Rane. A man of war, trying to live in peace – but dark forces have other plans.

Faced with defeat at the hands of a demon army, Rane and his fellow soldiers in the fabled Legion Of Swords use outlawed magic to fuse their souls with their blades. Faster, stronger and all but impossible to kill, they turn the tide of the war and emerge victorious. But there is a terrible price to be paid.

Rane discovers the magic that won the war is turning the Legionnaires into monsters far worse than anything the world has seen before.

Now, hunted by the very people he once protected, Rane must fight once more — to save his very soul.

Fans of Peter V. Brett and Brent Weeks will love HE WHO FIGHTS. Discover a new legendary hero today.

“This book felt like a love letter to all the best fight movies” – Starlitbook.com

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Category: Fantasy – Epic