Hart & Sol

by Matt Pike & Russell Emmerson

Is there ever a good time for aliens to exterminate humankind?
Sarah Hart is about to find out…

ISC Captain Sarah Hart seemingly has it all, but don’t be fooled. Far from her dreams of military service, Hart’s life at the helm of the Milky Pleasure is just as icky as its name suggests, her cruise ship full of fleshy fantasy seekers and the crew equipped with more baggage than the passengers.
Throw in an alien species determined to erase humanity, and a dead-end job looks like it’s coming to a, well, dead end. But after surviving the initial invasion, it’s up to Hart and her crew to embark on a rescue and retreat mission. Then they can figure out if people are even worth saving.
And that’s before she finds her Sol.

A gleefully inappropriate new sci-fi comedy adventure from the twisted minds of Russell Emmerson and Matt J Pike.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera