Hadley’s Dragon Drama (Book 1)

by Dave Powell

Dragons are real – and they need her help.

When 12-year-old Hadley stumbles upon a magical rift, she discovers a dragon named Qi’ola, who crashed through the rift and is now trapped.

Determined to help her new friend, Hadley and her older brother venture through the rift – and they are quickly catapulted into a fantastical adventure in a strange new world. From roving bands of ogres and winged darrow to shimmering forests and a cranky dwarf named Calamus, Hadley soon finds out that this land has no shortage of surprises.

And back home, Hadley learns how difficult it is to keep a secret as big as a dragon. And what will happen once the scientists in her hometown learn about the magical rift?

A fun middle-grade fantasy adventure perfect for anyone 10 and up.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age