by Irving Belateche

Roy Walker is curious. But in a world where knowledge has disappeared, curiosity will get you killed.

Generations ago, the Passim Virus wiped out most of humanity. The survivors banded together to form the Territory and, now, decades later, no one questions why knowledge has disappeared. Why should they? They’re lucky to be alive.

But Roy doesn’t feel so lucky. He’s haunted by the murder of his father and ostracized by everyone in town. He asks way too many questions.

Then Roy decides to head down the coast of what used to be the state of Oregon to look for answers. He’s stunned at what he discovers. Everything in the Territory is a lie and everything around him is a front.

But to uncover the dark secret behind this front, Roy must venture deeper into the wilderness where marauders and the deadly Passim Virus wait to kill.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian