H.A.L.F.: The Deep Beneath


He’s a living weapon. She’s a teenage fugitive. Together, they’ll uncover an alien conspiracy…or die trying.

Erika Holt is one school year away from freedom, but a twist of fate could turn her into a fugitive. When a fun night in the Arizona desert turns deadly, Erika only survives with the help of a mysterious creature.

Bred as a weapon, Number Nine’s spliced genes give him the power to kill with his mind. Part alien, part human, he’s never known kindness or love… until his escape from a covert facility brings him face to face with a spunky 17-year-old girl.

On the run from black ops mercenaries, Erika and Number Nine must work together to uncover the secrets of his origins.

Will they escape the dangers of the deep beneath us? Or will their actions start a war with a species we could never have imagined?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

H.A.L.F.: The Makers


“Conflicts with alien races are given enormous depth in this engrossingly written science fiction novel.” ~Forewords Clarion Reviews

Aliens known as the “Roswell Greys” rescued Tex, an alien-human hybrid, from a lifetime of being a lab rat. But what price will he be required to pay to become one with their hive mind?

Erika Holt dodged death and departed Earth in an alien ship. It wasn’t how she’d planned to spend her senior year. Is Erika on her way to paradise? Or to a hell worse than the underground lab she escaped?

Jack Wilson is still a prisoner of the unhinged Commander Sturgis. But a promise of freedom comes from an unlikely source. Will his liberation cost more than he’s willing to pay?

With the young warriors caught up in their personal battles, will they realize the threat that looms before it’s too late?

“The makings of an epic”. The Wishing Shelf Reviews

Previously $2.99