Guilty by Association

by E.A. Copen

Everything is Bigger in Texas… Including the Monsters.

Special Agent Judah Black has a knack for closing cases. Too bad she’s also got a reputation for pissing off her superiors, and this time it’s cost her. She’s been reassigned to a position in the middle of nowhere—The Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation.

Her first case? The murder of a young werewolf. While the local cops are ready to dismiss it as a drug deal gone wrong, Judah digs deeper, uncovering secrets that could unravel the whole community.

But asking questions has its own price. When her investigation attracts the attention of an ancient, cannibal monster, Judah may have to choose between closing her case, and saving her teenage son.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Debt

by E.A. Copen

Every life has a price.

Judah Black’s been assigned a new partner just in time to solve a gristly double homicide. Trying to navigate suddenly being the junior agent is bad enough. Figuring out who—or what—crushed a vampire and his prey to death before freezing them solid in the back room of a fae-owned nightclub might as well be impossible.

When one of the victims is identified as vampire royalty, vampire prince Crux Continelli declares a blood debt, vowing to punish the killer himself. But Crux’s brand of justice could spark violence between the fae and vampires.

Caught up in a struggle between two vampire factions, Judah races against time to bring a killer to justice before war breaks out. With her friends in the crosshairs, the stakes are even higher. If she fails this time, more than her job is on the line. Everyone she’s come to know and love could be next.

Previously $3.99