Guardian Outcast

by G J Ogden

Hudson Powell quit his job and joined the Relic Guardian Force as a 38-year-old rookie. He figured that policing the alien shipwrecks would finally give his life meaning. He was wrong. The RGF is corrupt and Hudson’s training officer, Logan Griff, is the worst bosshole of the lot.

Cast into the world of the mysterious relic hunters, Hudson discovers an alien crystal that will change everything. People stopped asking where the wrecked leviathans came from. People stopped asking who created the interstellar portals, and why. Hudson will discover that some alien relics are best left buried…

If you love the idea of Firefly and Stargate blended with the mystery and adventure of Indiana Jones, you’ll love Guardian Outcast. Start reading this best-selling series today.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion