Grey Stone

by Jean Knight Pace and Jacob Kennedy

When Pietre, an impoverished human boy finds an abandoned pup outside his village, he doesn’t hesitate to rescue the desperate creature. Unaware that his actions have legal consequences, the boy takes the dog to his home to nurse it back to health. But when the authorities show up on his front doorstep, Pietre is horrified when his dad is jailed under pain of death.

The wolf-shifting prince Wittendon wants to measure up to the expectations of his father, the king. So when he’s dispatched to deal with an illegal wolf-dog hybrid harbored by a human, the young noble is determined to enforce the law. But when he makes the arrest, the royal shifter is shocked to discover a loving bond missing from his own people.

In order to get what they both want, they’ll have to learn to work together, and hopefully not topple the world in the process.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic