by J Tullos Hennig

Daring the old gods. Defying the new.
The making of a legend—and a truly innovative re-imagining of Robin Hood.

When Rob finds an injured nobleman’s son in the forest, neither he nor his sister Marion understand what befriending Gamelyn means for the future of their beliefs. Already the ancient spirits are fading beneath the iron of nobleman’s politics and the stones of Church subjugation. The druid elders insist Rob and Gamelyn are cast as adversaries, locked in timeless, symbolic struggle for the greenwood’s Maiden.
In a theological twist only a stroppy dissident could envision, Rob swears he’ll defend the sacred woodland of the Horned God and Lady Huntress to his last breath—if his god will let him be lover, not rival, to the one fated as his enemy.
But in the eyes of Gamelyn’s Church, sodomy is unthinkable… and the old pagan magics an evil to be vanquished.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


by J Tullos Hennig

Home & family struck down by Church edict, Rob is left for dead. Taken by the old druid master into the deeps, he emerges with a new name & purpose: leader of a band of tight-knit outcasts, claiming the ancient forest and wielding the Horned God’s vengeance with deadly arrows. Also escaping Loxley’s destruction, nobleborn Gamelyn has returned from Crusade with his own new identity and purpose–but no absolution.
When the two boyhood lovers next cross paths, a brutal game of foxes and hounds ensues, pitting Templar assassin against Heathen outlaw. And as Robyn discovers his sister Marion is still alive, the game turns.
Thwarted kings of a breaking realm, Robyn Hode & Guy de Gisbourne must restore the Maiden to her rightful place– and manage to not destroy each other in the process.

Previously $6.99

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