Grace Defend Us

by Michael J. Hedayat

Ghosts. Heroes. Monsters. Magic.

When the ghosts that haunt Valentino’s palace tell him that he’s won the apprentice lottery, he is ecstatic! Finally, the student he’s been waiting to teach is walking the ghost path to his fantastical world.

When those same ghosts tell Valentino that giant, talking snakes have ambushed his apprentice in the haunted forest, he becomes furious.

Valentino, son of the Gorgon, is not the kind of prince that allows a member of his household to become some monster’s dinner.

Unfortunately, even if he does save his new student Sophia—the serpents that he’s trying to stop already have an invitation to the festival being hosted at his House of Grace. Either he’s going to be without an apprentice, or these giant snakes are going to come back for a second chance at a free meal.

Can Valentino teach Sophia enough to survive her next encounter with these monsters?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends