by J.W. Webb

A world fusing magic with cold hard steel! Gol is an epic fantasy saga featuring bespoke drawings by Tolkien artist Roger Garland. This stunning tale opens the doors to a magical new series called Legends of Ansu.

Lissane Barola dreams of escape. But her father the baron has other plans for his wayward daughter: she is to wed rival nobleman Valentin Gallante. Lissane hates Valentin and has a secret lover, Erun Cade, in a nearby village. Together these two plan their escape, but the net is already closing around them fast!

Meanwhile on the far side of the world, a vengeful sorcerer unleashes a fire demon, whose destructive path sets off a chain of events that will ultimately threaten Gol’s very existence. Lissane and Erun are chosen by the gods to stop the coming ruin, but the price they pay will be higher than they can imagine.

‘Will definitely appeal to Game of Thrones (fans).’

Previously $3.99

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Category: Fantasy – Epic