Gods of Blood and Bone

by Azalea Ellis

My name is Eve Redding, and I am the new god.

I didn’t want this. I would have fled from it, if I could. The monstrous creators of the Game forced me to play, fighting for my life on a beautiful, vicious alien planet. When a Player wins, the miraculous rewards allow us to upgrade the things that make us weak. At first, I was enamored by the ability to augment everything about myself—to be come smarter, stronger, prettier…better.

But after that first Trial, I would have done anything to escape the Game. I needed power to protect myself and those I care about. So I took it.
They say there is no escaping the Game, except through death.

But I’m the type to cling to life by the tips of my bloody fingernails.

This is a LitRPG/GameLit book that combines science fiction and game elements. Fans of Ready Player One, Red Rising, and The Hunger Games will likely enjoy this series

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk