Gods and Monsters

by Natasha Larry

Justice—keeper of monsters—travels the world with his family, using magic to entertain humanity and risking his life to fight back against evil. Danger is just part of the job. But when Justice’s little sister sneaks into his case of monsters and lets a shade escape, danger quickly turns to death.

The smoke ghost feeds on hate, can possess humans, and brings out hostility in others. To hunt it down, the family show is cancelled, and they move to one of the most hateful places in the United States: Slaughter, Mississippi.

With over six black men gunned down in only two years, his family isn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. Still, Justice has a wrong to right, or innocent people will die. When the shade takes the body of his crush’s little sister, the clock starts ticking down…

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Superhero