by Ingrid Seymour

Today, Bia is a Goddess, but her claim to immortality hangs in the balance.

All she knows is her mountain-top citadel with its god-honed buildings and endless comforts. However, this glorious place tolerates only greatness, and she must prove herself in order to stay.

Bia is agile with the sword, but she has no ability to make her a real contender in the yearly competition. What chance does a Skillbarren have against opponents who can control the elements, seize the mind, or wield any number of unimaginable powers?


Bia could surrender and become a mortal. But that would mean dishonor and exile. Three clashes—only one warrior can survive. It’s impossible for Bia to triumph with nothing more than her wits and her sword. But she must win—or die.

Godmaker is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Wonder Woman!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age