Gifted: A Mystery 42 Manuscripts RP Novel (The Ancient Obelisk Ternion Season 1)

by Lianne Willowmoon and Other Authors

The Obelisk Academy is a hidden sanctuary for those who can use magic, and a new year is starting. It should be an opportunity to learn and grow, but for a few of the least privileged, it becomes a nightmare. A headmistress and other students are determined to not only lock them out of their education, but sometimes it seems like their very lives are in danger.

During an assignment, this group of strong students uncovers ancient secrets and an evil so great that they must stop it at all costs or risk the end of magic forever.

With no one in their corner and no one to trust, they must weed out those helping this grave darkness and learn how to defend themselves against what’s to come.

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Category: Fantasy – Classics