Ghost Pirate Gambit

by Jessie Kwak

Haunted space stations? Puzzling totems? Cursed relics? No job’s too bizarre for the crew of the Nanshe.

Lasadi doesn’t like strangers on her ship, but she’ll need a bigger crew if she’s going to steal a mysterious artifact from a dead pirate’s long-lost space station. She takes a chance on a charming grifter named Raj, along with a skilled hacker and her genius little brother. And it’s . . . nice? If Lasadi isn’t careful, she’s going to start enjoying having a crew aboard.

Raj’s last bit of luck capsized right before he ran into Lasadi, and this job could finally get his life back on track — as long as Lasadi never learns the truth about his past. Raj isn’t the only one on this crew with secrets, though, and Auburn Station holds more than long-dead ghosts. Unless this fledgling crew can learn to trust each other, none of them are getting off this station alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure