by J.J. Green

Growing up as a Martian on Earth has left Jas Harrington solitary, quick-tempered, and with zero tolerance for fools. All plus points when working as chief security officer aboard prospecting starships.

Jas’ latest berth is aboard the Galathea, which trawls the reaches of the galaxy seeking precious minerals and rare resources. She thinks it’s a routine trip. She’s wrong.

All hell breaks loose, and Jas’ skills are put to the ultimate test. Can she enlist the help of the only two friends she has? She’s in a race against time to prevent the aliens from achieving their goal: Generation.

If she fails, the ship’s crew, the galactic empire, and humanity itself are at risk.

Generation is book one in the fast-paced, action-packed Shadows of the Void space opera series.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by J.J. Green

The prospector starship, Galathea, is stranded on a planet inhabited by hostile life forms.

There’s little hope of rescue, the crew is mutinous, and chief security officer Jas Harrington isn’t convinced all the alien-possessed officers died in the crash.

Can she protect everyone from the dangers outside and within the ship? Is there a way to leave the planet?

The aliens make their move, and only a miracle can prevent Jas and the crew of the Galathea from being stranded—forever.

Previously $2.99