Gemini’s Crossing: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 1)

by Arlo Adams

After learning he has only months to live, Gemini Fowler is granted one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm using a technology that could end death as we know it.

The catch:
The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence.

Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Quest For Roshan: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 2)

by Arlo Adams

“Make friends,” the A.I. said.

Gemini Fowler did. Now, the stakes have been raised, and Gemini is irate. Stripped of his gear and returned to the village where it all started, he must follow a long road filled with peril and quests to level up and recover the companion he lost.

Soon, he’ll see Enora is much more than a dark forest, and his adventure has hardly begun. Can he reach Roshan before the mysterious governor’s men arrive at the tyrant’s stronghold and she is lost to him forever?

Filled with new gear, races, and tomes worth of untold lore, Quest For Roshan is book two in the Enora Online LITRPG series.

Join the Adventure and read Quest For Roshan!

Previously $4.99