Galla of Chelandra : Healer Mage

by Karina McRoberts

Spare Your World From Cruel Demise. Build Your Magic. This, devise!

Apprentice animal healer Galla Jenari sets out to explore her world, delighting in its marvels; a peaceful journey with surprises at every turn. But joy morphs to nightmare; now, hers is an excursion into a world of mounting horror. Plague, racism, hatred, famine, impending war, and horrendous environmental disaster all threaten Chelandra.

Galla’s empathy threatens her sanity. Collapsing under the strain, a mysterious stranger helps her to discover and use the magic she holds within.

Increasingly sickened by cruelty and stupidity, Galla’s more than determined to make a difference.

Her astounding ingenuity protects a prince from destruction at the hands of his own people. Once ridiculed by another prince, the dashing, headstrong Prince Shiran of Gaklar, Galla’s wisdom and courage become indispensable in his fight against a fierce enemy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic