Galactic Genesis

by M. D. Cooper

Dive into 6 all-new series with top space opera authors!

Six authors, one mission: kick off new trilogies with a bang! With this one volume you can dive into a smorgasbord of stories by some of your favorite authors and then get the second and third books in the series within weeks!

These are full novels, no novellas or short stories, a fantastic way to get an amazing deal from writers you love while trying out new authors in the mix.

Included are:
– M. D. Cooper’s Shore Leave the first book in his 3-part series entitled Origins of Destiny.
– A.K. DuBoff’s Crystalline Space book one of her Dark Stars trilogy.
– Chris Fox’s Dryker’s Folly opening up his new Tigris War series.
– J.J. Green’s The Concordia Deception igniting the Space Colony One series.
– B.C. Kellogg’s Empire’s Scion kicking off the Darkspace Empire books.
– Kevin McLaughlin’s Hope Begins in the Dark launch

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera