Whole Latte Death

by M. D. Cooper and Chris J. Pike

It’s a Gas is officially open for breakfast and murder is on the menu.

Fennington Station, a space station near Jupiter (no, not that Jupiter), is home to the It’s a Gas pub, one of the best gastro pubs in the galaxy! It’s adored owners, twins Milly and Tilly, expand into breakfast service so they can fulfill their lifelong dream of going to the Disknee World!

But opening for breakfast has unintended consequences. Mrs. Henderson, owner of the No1. Juice bar, isn’t happy to have fresh competition. As their not so friendly rivalry heats up, a dead body is found—and Milly is the immediate suspect.

The twins are on the case to clear Milly’s name and save the It’s a Gas pub’s reputation. With the help of her semi-drunk cat and their eccentric AI, Milly has to discover the truth. It’ll be up to the sister’s to clear Milly’s name while looking good, shaking a good cocktail, and steaming an impressive head of foam—or die trying.

Set in the Aeon 14 universe…

Everyone loves a good story, especially the characters of the Aeon 14 novels. When they’re not fighting for the fate of the galaxy, they like to make the most of their downtime by curling up with a good book. So if you’ve ever wondered what Tanis may read when she’s relaxing by the fire at her lakehouse in Ol’ Sam, you now have your answer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera